Is Standard Bank losing its standard value?

By Victor Angula [No Protocols Observed]

There used to be a time when Standard Bank was a bank that didn’t compromise in terms of its provision for financial services of a standard value.

Standard Bank used to be associated with quality and not quantity. Standard Bank used to set the standard.

But of lately I’m wondering whether Standard Bank has sunk in the cesspool of the Namibian culture, a culture of which those who have only want to have more even at the expense of standards, values, ethics and everything else that is beneficial to society.

Why do I say all this?

For the past eight weeks I have tried to reach out to the marketing department of Standard Bank. But nobody picks up their phones. You call the MDs office, and nobody picks up either. Only the call centre picks up, but then you will be on the line for up to five minutes just listening to an advertisement before someone asks you what you want.

After multiple times of trying to reach the marketing department someone at the call centre gave me an email address of someone by the name of Magreth Mengo.

I sent Mengo an email, but she didn’t respond.

I went back to the call centre, and someone gave me a number of someone who was said to be a consultant. Her name was Tremaine Walker. And Walker picked up. She explained that she was working from home, and the office number was diverted to her mobile.

Then she gave me the mobile number of Magreth Mengo.

And then the nightmare began. The first time I called Mengo she picked up. And we spoke briefly, with her saying I should resend the email.

But then from there either Mengo wouldn’t pick up, or she picks up and say she will call me later. But she never calls.

Mengo’s attitude is simply the attitude of someone who works for an institution which has lost focus. When employees behave badly it’s because they have learned it from their employer.

But this is not something that can be tolerated. There is no way that we can build a better Namibia with such kind of rotten attitudes. Standard Bank must look herself in the mirror and recognize that she has lost her standard value.

And if she is not willing to change but she wants to go the route of collapse then I will help her to collapse faster.

NB: This “No Protocol” is a permanent column which will feature my scathing comments on the companies that are in my black book.