Cat lives for sale

By The Author |

The year has started and already the cat has lost some lives. Rather some lives are auctioned off by dogs to add to the lives of other cats.

These days even dogs have been shelved into the darkest of corners and their space taken over by Goats.  “Ja, Ek is die Bok…” they say nowadays and parade their borrowed lives and wealth like horns on top of their heads.

But whose life are they living?

In recent developments, the Orange Goat has been removed in the States that are supposed to be United, but currently divided and in some sh@thole country, another faded Goat has been removed and allowed to live a parallel life to reality.

In both instances the goats smashed their heads against the truth and the will of the people. In both cases, the aged goats developed cataracts and completely overlooked the writing on the wall. So the story of the goats continues to unfold itself little by little and life by life.

The smell of power and state luxuries must be the same confusing feeling a cat gets when it’s offered fish and milk at the same time.

Thus the question is to eat and drink or to drink and then eat, huh? Whichever is best to secure the nine lives is normally the best option.

For many of the global trotters the question and options are equally futile and totally different from the aforementioned one. In fact it’s not an option, as we have been made to believe but rather stages of poverty.

Jumping out of the frying pan into the fire is the politically accepted alternative to the cat scenario. It makes me wonder if the Goat is in charge of the fire or is it the economic friends with deep pockets aka “Koekie Blik”. The deeper the politicians slight their hands into these pockets, the longer the hooks get to keep them inside the “niceness”.

Sometimes I suppose they get more than what they begged for and that “excites” the capitalist friends. Yet we all know what happens with too much excitement. I shall not say more lest I speak the unspoken.

So who is the goat in Namibia?

Seems as if all the goats are becoming Tamers of Cats (ToC) and as cats we need to understand the Cat-O’s-trophies we are dished out every year. This is a year of resilience and in the world of cats it means that we should live off the one life while the other eight lives are used to lure the rest of the capitalists to Namibia.

For the rest of 2021 we should be flexible enough to survive on the little we are provided with and the rest will feed the goats and their kinds. We should be able to be acrobatic enough to land on our feet even when the goats propelled us into the highest statistic of poverty.

For we are cats growing into lions and tigers yet they remain the same, Goats, political goats.