God is the only hope

By Alma “Namene” Amunyela |

Fellow ladies let us keep praising God; he is the only hope in everything.

No matter if you’re having tough days, you should get up each morning hoping and believing for a good day, expecting favour, knowing that God is directing your steps.

We should realize everything may not go perfect and every person may not treat us right, our plans may not stay on schedule.

There may be some bumps in the road and things that we didn’t see coming. But there is hope, and there is always an occasion for fun and enjoyment.

If you’re only going to enjoy the day when your plans work out then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment of a lifetime. At the start of the day you need to make a decision that no matter what comes against you, you’re not going to get upset, okay.

No matter what someone says, you’re not going to be offended, no matter what delays, disappointment, bad breaks you may come across, you are not going to be sour. You have made up your mind to be, and remain, at peace.

My dearest ladies, we must know that this day is a gift from God. This is why we must enjoy it and live it in peace.

We are not always going to be here, so we have to put our best foot forward and say ‘I’m not going to let these same things keep upsetting me, I’m going to stay in peace no matter what, because peace is needed.’

Every morning you need to make sure you put on your shoes of peace.

Too many people go through the day barefooted, offended, discouraged, upset. But when you make this decision at the start of the day that nothing is going to upset you because you’ve put on the shoes of God’s protection, and you’re saying ‘God, I trust and I know you are directing my steps and even if things don’t go perfectly today I believe all things are going to work out for my good.’

When you’re in peace, you’re in a position of power and you take control of your life.

You can run and not be weary. You can walk and shall not faint. When everything else is crumbling around you, the darkest hour of your life may come, but God will never fail you.

God uses storms to teach us that we need him every day and every hour of our lives.