Still enough

 By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel |

Achieving something in life is always everyone’s dream; and sometimes we want to achieve just more than what we already have.

Things are a lot on earth and just enough for everyone to have, and so you can get what you want if you have that opportunity to get it all.

But in many cases we always struggle to get it right. In life things seem to be tough to obtain; sometimes, you have to pass through challenges to reach your destiny.

Destiny is not always today or tomorrow, it might be after some years but this doesn’t mean that we must give up on our search for our destiny. We just need to be patient and find peace and satisfaction with what we already have at this moment.

Peace for yourself and satisfaction with what you have is the only medicine for stress.

There are people who lost their loved ones, or people who have no family, friends and relatives but they are still surviving; people without a car or even a bicycle or a smartphone but they are still managing their life; people who don’t have legs to walk as you, people who are blind, deaf or lost some other parts of their body but they are still smiling; people who do not have anything at all in life but feel blessed that they are still breathing and still alive.

So what’s your stress about?

There is still enough time, enough opportunity and enough of you to accomplish what you want and reach your destiny.

You may be someone who doesn’t have peace but you own a lot, so what is that you want to get? It’s better to have your happiness because happiness is a choice. If you can’t be happy and show appreciation for the small things you have then you will never be satisfied with big things.

Many people owned a lot and at the end of the day they got sick or even died and they left everything on earth; so stop blaming yourself because of what you are today. Choose happiness because life is short to worry and stress over.

Be satisfied with what you have even if it’s small and give thanks to your Almighty who is always there for you and never forsakes you.