Namibia’s one and half year-old talk radio station, Eagle FM, has this week been in the news, with Communication Authority of Namibia (CRAN) saying the radio has been illegally broadcasting in the capital city of Namibia, Windhoek.

Meanwhile, Eagle FM’s listeners have been calling in to the radio to ask what the issue all about with CRAN, yet Eagle’s senior talk-host Mr. Wonder Guchu has been cagey and unwilling to shed the light.

Here, below, Omutumwa is thus publishing the letter from CRAN addressed to the owner of Eagle FM:

“05 February 2021

MR. JOHN N. Walenga

PO BOX 91128

Klein Windhoek


Dear Sir,


We refer to our meeting of 05 February 2021.

As indicated in the above-referred meeting, we hereby record our discussion as follows:

a) John Walenga (Eagle FM) was only authorized to provide broadcasting services in the geographic area of         Okahandja, at a frequency of 104.0 MHz, at a maximum power output of 20 Watts.

b) Eagle FM is not authorized to provide broadcasting services in the geographic area of Windhoek, and thus any broadcast in Windhoek constitutes a breach of the license conditions. Eagle FM was broadcasting in Windhoek by transmitting at 500 Watts from the frequency in Okahandja. Eagle FM ceased broadcasting in Windhoek on 1 February 2021. The Authority will deal with the matter further as a compliance issue.

c) In order to remedy the non-compliance, Eagle FM may:

i) Apply for an FM broadcasting frequency in the geographical area of Windhoek. The due date for such an application is 15 February 2021 as per notice issued by the Authority;

ii) Apply for an amendment of its Okahandja FM frequency to increase the power output. This is subject to the normal licensing procedure and a determination whether such an amendment will not cause interferences; or

iii) Apply for a digital frequency.

Eagle FM must consider the most appropriate remedy, and submit an application for consideration to the Authority. The Authority is available to meet with Eagle FM’s technical department, to clarify any technical issues that will enable Eagle FM to decide on the desired remedy.

We trust you find the above in order.

Yours Sincerely,