The pit called Love

By The Author [When My Mind is Liberated]

Falling of any kind is not good. Falling from any throne is the same as falling from a bicycle; you are left with bruises.

So I’m not an advocate of any kind of falling, therefore don’t expect me to celebrate falling. From the sound of it, it’s a painful thing to experience.

I have been bothered by the notion that people “fall” in love…

Some people say it just “happened”. Others claim that it was “love at first sight” as if they have been blind all along. Makes me wonder how they could move about life before such “miracle” overwhelmed them.

Mind you I say, they fall in love with a thing they again claim is “blind”. I suppose love went blind the moment they had their “first sight”. It’s very confusing.

Weirder of all is dealing with the effect of this “happening”. It’s the same as being born and then be told that you’re responsible for yourself. Hallo, who was responsible for the excitement and my birth in the first place?

Anyway, the person that “falls” in love with you suddenly becomes obsessive and expectant after saying “I love you” – those three dreaded words. That is when the “falling” actually starts and there is no escaping the impact; a long fall down the pit popularly known as Love.

One such expectation is for you to join the Faller, not sure if you should keep the person from falling or break her fall or watch the fall. It’s confusing indeed.

The actions required from you don’t come from your own self but uttered in silence and with signs. You will be told that there were “signs” and “hints” reflected on an invisible wall. Am I the only one thinking like this or am I just too illiterate to read the writing on the wall?

The second and most dangerous expectation is the showing of emotion, affection, support and admiration as prescribed and desired by the Faller. You’re drawn involuntarily into this fictitious world of the Faller and instinctively you ought to decode the signals and hints and translate them through predetermined actions and expectations.

Yet, you have not been given the final script or the necessarily special “powers” to perform such delicate tasks. As a result we keep making the same mistakes and looping the rest of them; resulting in being labelled insensitive and inconsiderate.

The next expectation is a direct result of a guy called St. Valentino, a Priest banished from the church and imprisoned. He had to go and fall in love and then all hell collapsed! A beautiful human story though, but was meant for that moment.

Unfortunately this story was told and retold and changed and commercialised to fit the plight of the “Falling Ones”. I’m actually loathing somebody here.

I don’t know it though; it’s emotionally draining. Sigh

That day is coming, and I’m going to be quiet until it’s here and gone. In the meantime all I can ask is for some mercy on us as we are made to “celebrate” the day of falling in love, being mindful of the fact that there could be another day of falling out.