To be or not to be ‘Resilient’

By The Author [When My Mind is Liberated]

Heading towards the end of the first quarter of 2021 and we have yet to understand why we, as the masses and “renegades” of their struggle, are still not part of the bread basket.

In his New Year’s message, the President made a call for the nation to be “resilient” and this is despite 31 years of resilience we have shown; the tribal humility, generational respect, pure stupidly as well as political loyalism, we have time and again intoxicated our intelligence with.

However, over the past few years we have mutated from militants, who toppled the Apartheid Regime, to the most dreaded pest, cockroaches. All these are courtesy of the politicians and their economic masters.

The table of the national economy has been set on the 21st March 1990 and seats taken up by familiar faces and unknown faces; and then the eating started. Over time their bellies grew from sexy slender bodies that still twitched from being “bos bevok” to out of shape pot bellies and “godly” laughter.

Gulping down the economy and with fat dripping hands they licked the plates clean and put the dish washer out of a job.  Over time, the falling crumbs from this hideously overloaded tables, have been collected and tendered to themselves through national programmes and with added political lies and economic promises, force-fed to the masses.

They say: “if you can’t beat them, join them” but over the honey-moon phase of our Independence from the economy, but their dependency on the same economy, the slogans have changed and the above one has been rejected and labelled as opportunistic and at best sel-fish; counter revolutionary and reactionary.

These labels lead to the completion of our mutation process; we are less than the votes we used to signify, we are rendered to roaches that can only operate in the dark. The same darkness these politicians and economic masters use to devise means and loopholes in the system to claim wealth and live in a different realm than the rest of Namibians.

With the presidential decree that 2021 is a year of Resilience, it confirmed that cockroaches is what we have become, the pest that seeks to spoil the appetite of the economic “gods”. As if a national duty, we dignify such calls with obedience and naivety.

We live to scrutinize such spanners thrown in our paths to derail us from seeing the politicians for what they are: liars, fraudsters, masters of deceit, “selfrot” and inconsiderate individuals with foreign interest.

As roaches, we have the best sense of smell and are gathered by the smells of wealth and opportunity to crawl and brawl over recycled vomit. With haste and skills of survival of the fastest, we continue “to be what they want us to be”: Cockroaches, fighting each other in the dark, amidst the exchange of deeds, licences and EFT under the guise of PTY’s, Cc’s and BEE tenders.

From “fish-farming” to “cash-farming” to “cockroach-farming”, the breeders of such products remain in power and are becoming immortal by the “corruption-cases” and exemptions. They are the modern smooth-operators and criminals in government offices and legislative seats.

They remain the custodians of our judiciaries and reinforce the deals and golden handshakes performed to perfection under the tables whilst we are being resilient.

Disclaimer: During the writing of this piece, no cockroach was killed. They died from toxic political waste!

Happy Independance Day!