It is your freedom

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel |

I have come to realize that freedom is an important thing to have in order that we may live better due to different types of freedoms we can have which make life easier and nice.

Freedom is needed because it’s the one thing which prevents you from becoming a slave. Without freedom we may find ourselves being used as a tool by spirits of the darkness, spirits of ancestors, or controlled by people’s lies, jealousies, or convinced by other bad things.

As we celebrate Independence Day this weekend, let’s look here at some different types of freedoms we need to have in our lives:

  1. Freedom of speech

You have that right to speak out to give your idea and defend yourself. This can also be relating to freedom of thoughts by giving your opinion, to have that ability to speak freely.

  1. Freedom of association

Able to have that right to allow effective participation in whatever you want to take part in or to be a friend of any person you like.

  1. Freedom of movement

The right to travel and visit different places as much as you can, the right to relocate to where you want or you are comfortable with.

  1. Freedom of education

You have the right to study any time everywhere or what you want to study, doesn’t matter how old are you.

And by all this freedoms it doesn’t mean that you can do what you want without obeying and respecting God and your parents. God is in control and you have to do what his commandments say to you every day and every time. You must submit yourself to God through all whatever you are doing.

Of course it’s your freedom; but freedom comes with responsibility. It’s also your responsibility to respect our elders and obey their rules as long as they are not of wrong intentions; and respect of the country’s law is needed.

So let us know our freedom as well as the limit to our freedom.