By Victor Angula |

Economic freedom for the masses of the people of Namibia will not come unless we fight for it.

And it will need as much a fight as that which necessitated the mayhem in the National Assembly two days ago.

I am not advocating for violence. No. But I am saying that people have to be angry enough and say enough is enough.

For instance, a few days ago it was reported that Windhoek City Police chief Mr Abraham Kanime’s monthly salary is N$206 500. That is a salary of someone who is just a policeman; a policeman.

Can you imagine that? Not 50 000, not 100 000, not even 150 000 but more than 200 000 dollars this man is taking home every 30 days in a country where the average salary is N$2 000.

There are people in this country who are taking as little as N$300 home after working for 30 days. But this man takes home that much; N$206 500!

(And of course there are those many people who take home N$0 because they are unemployed. They can’t find a job because everyone says that there is no money to pay them.)

Really I wonder what work this man does every day which makes him to deserve that much. This is while crime in Windhoek and Namibia as a whole is high.

If this doesn’t make anyone angry then something is wrong somehow. Maybe we are bewitched.

Omutumwa is thus calling on all patriotic youngsters who feel that such kind of economic inequalities can no longer be tolerated to stand up and start fighting.