Never too late for his grace

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel |

Recently I realized something actually specific in life but over which we sometimes get fed up or frustrated when such a thing is happening, and then as a result really bad things start or we start doing more mistakes.

And it’s that experience when you fall from grace, or when you realized that your sins are actually higher than the mountain and deeper than the ocean.

But then this is actually a part of life and we shouldn’t get more upset but rather learn to understand the course of the times.

You know the reason why Jesus died on the cross; that his blood shed for us to be saved, our sins and many mistakes, wickedness and our uncleanness to be washed away or to be paid with his blood which is an expensive price to offer?

So this paid for our wrongdoing and sins. Meaning that his grace is always there, and a new page can open for you. I’m not recommending you to go on doing bad things anyhow, but I’m trying to help you come to the point of accepting your mistakes, forgive yourself and let it be for the new page to open.

You might fall into many mistakes and failures in life but that doesn’t mean that it’s over and you’re finished or that the book of your life is closed. No. There is another chance for you to go to the next level; it’s just a matter of going on, learning and build up strong from your fall and move on to the next stage.

After whatever happened in your life it will become your expectation of your results towards that hardship and this is the time you have to tell yourself that it’s well with your soul and nothing can hinder you going forward even though you messed it up before you have to face it and open that next door of your future.

Your mistake is not too big for recovery because it’s never too late for Jesus to perform another miracle and give you another good personality. New page, new day, new life is for everybody.

Learning is the matter of failing and knowing where you went wrong; don’t be shy of your mistakes but prove them wrong that you can and you are not powerless to overcome your past.

Changing to a better life is the best decision ever and only brave people can do this and know that GOD is needed in your life and this is a blessing.

So it’s never too late to look up to him for his grace.