A mother

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel |

I believe everyone on earth has a mother or once upon a time you were having that woman, or either soon or later you will be a mother.

This article is dedicated to all mothers in this world and to those who believe that their mother did a lot for them and consider them as their role model because they are the reason they are today in life.

My sympathy to those who don’t have one or lost them; may God console your heart and keep you more strong every day.

A genuine woman, a wonderfully precious woman, soft but confident, a person to whom you always need to be humbled and submit and respect and admire, because if you’re anything at all in this life it’s because of her.

The mother that always took a very good care of you since you were in her womb till today you are still her child to her even if you are 50 years old; she taught you a lot about life and still continues to teach you, went through struggle and pain that she has to sacrifice her life for you and make sure you have a smile; that mother that always makes sure you are safe, that mother who surrendered herself to bring you up in this world.

Are you not so amazed that you are so lucky to have her?

A woman who never abandons you in poverty and suffering, a woman who slept with hunger and gave you that little that was only available; can’t you stand in front of her or use that voice to say thank you mama though she is no more with you? Because she is the reason you are today.

It’s a shame that some people can ignore their parents because they are old or dirty, forgetting that they are the reason behind their mothers’ situation of today. Pity that they can call them boring and wish them to be like others’ parents. That’s the woman who didn’t let you die from hunger when you were small, that’s her who by all means gets money for you to go to hospital and go to school, that’s her.

Come on, be proud of your mother!

Love your mother, make her proud, and make her smile; return back that entire smile onto her face as she did it to you since from baby stage until today.