By Josefina Gabriel /

Hey kids, do you know manners? Do you have manners?

Manners are things that someone can have and which show that the person is behaving well or is behaving badly.

Especially children, they can have good manners or bad manners.

As a child, we have to know how to behave towards people in the way that we are doing things like: when we are eating,  chewing, taking food, using spoons, fork and knives, what we supposed to do and not to do and how to serve food, all this is called table manners.

Manners on how we walk in front of people, on how to talk to people, on how to listen to people, on how to sit in front of people, on how to wear and on how to use things too, this is called good manners.

Therefore we need to be very careful when we are with others or with visitors at our places so that they can say we have good manners and we have respect.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, online columnist and author.