Discipline is the way to goals and accomplishment

By Josefina Gabriel |

Life is a game that one has to play every day. As long as you wake up breathing, you have to play your part in the game of life for that day.

Sometimes you may not want to get out of bed and face your day according to the game of life you’re fortunate to have; but no one sleeps forever who is still alive.

As a result life forces you to get out of bed whether you like it or not in order to pursue some goals. And so every minute and each hour of the day can lead you to failure or to success in the things you do with your time on earth.

Sometimes things can happen unexpectedly which may be good or bad, but usually we always expect something nice to happen to us because everyone wants to be happy and have a smile on his or her face.

Everyone wants his or her days to be filled with success, joy and accomplishment. But then there will be a need for discipline. It’s discipline that can lead you to success or to something better. Without discipline there is no way that can lead you to success, but only to destructions and failures which sometimes can’t be handled or recovered from in life.

Therefore you need to discipline yourself everyday by checking your duties, time, money, actions, by keeping your reality and knowing what is supposed to be done, and not be done, in your life in order to achieve your goals.

Now how? You might have to do it through that major part of your life, the part which is your priority. What is your priority? I believe everyone has a priority area in his or her life. And that can all lead to one point first, which is your personality.

By having the right personality you can be able to discipline yourself by saying no to some of those things that seem to hinder your growth and prevent movement towards your goals and accomplishments. Say no to bad influence, addictions and to some conditions you can’t endure with.

Discipline yourself by performing your duties properly.

Discipline yourself by using your time correctly.

Discipline yourself by using money wisely. You don’t just use money for unnecessary things and unplanned expenses, otherwise tomorrow you will be blaming yourself for having wasted your money. So learn to keep it and budget it for use only in things which will push you to your goals and accomplishments.

Don’t pretend and try to impress other people just because you can’t face your reality. Be yourself, stand for what you supposed to do and not to follow what others are doing; remember you have your own race to run.

Say no to evils and wrong doings. Most religions teach some form of discipline and I think that is a critically important lesson one can learn there.