Feel no jealousy for another

By Alma “Namene” Amunyela |

The majority of women tend to feel jealous for another woman who is successful or at least trying to be successful.

But, serious, how can you feel jealous of your friend’s success? I mean, if you also want to succeed why don’t you hold hands and do it together?

Instead of keeping by your successful friend, you go around mocking her and talking bad about her. That is a bad attitude, and it will not take you anywhere.

If you have a friend, or neighbor or colleague who is successful, don’t mock her. Rather keep next to her so that you will also learn from her. And definitely she will not let you down; she will lift you up.

Like me, I always like to hang around with any rich or successful lady. But I have no time to be jealous of her or keep mocking her, no. I don’t do that. I always keep our relationship so that I will learn something, knowing that tomorrow I will be the same as her.

When you’re with successful people you learn from them and absorb their positive energy.

There is enough in the universe for all of us to succeed. We don’t need to be jealous of others for their success while our own success is just waiting for us if we have a good attitude and positive energy.

My fellow ladies remember that anything is possible for those with a dream, a plan, and the determination to make it happen no matter what. Don’t just have a plan of destroying others.

But be willing to learn from them and have a dream to be successful one day as them instead of destroying your potential through jealousy. Jealousy and mocking others will take you nowhere.

If you’re happy for the success of others and you appreciate and thank God for what he has done for you, then for sure God will continue to bless you with more at the right time.

Don’t rush, be humble and make sure you do your best in the right way, and feel no bad feelings for another’s success because yours will also come.