You can change the way you look at things

By Josefina Gabriel|

We get stuck in life sometimes due to some reasons that have to do with our vision. The way we look at things makes us confused, intimidated or give up on them.

And sometimes we suspect on things or make assumptions, and get it all wrongly just because how we look at things and situations is exactly what we see.

Bu if you change the way you see things, the things can change too. Things can be different if you see them differently. In other words, things change only by the way you look at them.

All things become dark if you wear sunglasses. But the same things will be light, clear, and bright to those with eye glasses that are prescribed by the doctor who made the universe.

Being patient, loving, positive, caring, and being good to people will make you see things differently from one who is impatient, unloving, negative and who has a bad attitude to life.

For instance when people laugh at your works, failures, hard time or being jealous of your good outcomes you don’t need to give up or feel overwhelmed, but rather stand still and face it with a smile.

Never allow the light in you to be dimmed by the darkness in others.

Be careful with what people come to tell you about the other person, which will make you see the person by hating person. You can even hate the innocent person;  it’s not their fault but it is you who will believe and get angry to them not knowing it’s a lie.

A tree can’t move and can’t change anything, but a human being is given authority on all things on earth. As long as the person doesn’t like how things are he can somehow change them. By trusting yourself and seeing all things with hope, all things get easier to you.

Changing the way you look at things could be the one simple thing that can create a new life for you since it gives you a new vision.

The simple thing you do can make a difference to your life, and every little bit really does count.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author. She can be reached at: