Life is problems

By Josefina Gabriel |

When you know what life is then you can understand why some things are happening in your life and you will live better since that you can know how to handle them.

Normal life is not about being happy always, so don’t think having problems will destroy your life. In fact problems are part of life. It’s normal to have problems.

We live in an uncertain world, and some of things which are uncomfortable have to be part of our lives no matter what. Let’s look at some few of those.

Health crisis, work place issues, emptiness (also known as depression), friendship issues, failure, career pressure, financial crisis, unfair treatment and death.

These are the most common problems that you can easily find yourself into. As a human being you’re not likely to escape them. You might avoid one or two or a few of them sometimes but one or two problems will follow you the same way your shadow follows you.

What you need to know is that nobody is perfect, and everybody has their own problems. So it’s best if you can know how to handle your own imperfections and problems in your perfect way.

In whatever situation you will find yourself, getting depressed and overwhelmed is not a solution but this can bring up more problems.

I know that you’re not a stony heart person and things sometimes come in numbers such that you can’t just handle them without tears and disappointment. But please help yourself to fight back and avoid depression.

It is just a storm that can pass as usually our parents passed through it too. The successful person you see today passed through it too but they stood firm until those storms passed.

Therefore when you’re surrounded by difficulties in life, keep low, and pray more till that storm passes.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author.