The Rob Youth Foundation and Namibia’s 200m Tokyo 2020 Olympics silver medalist Christine Mboma today signed an agreement that will see the Rob Youth Foundation being awarded an opportunity to sell allocated merchandise of Mboma Street wear.

And 10% of the proceeds from each item to be sold will be donated to the Rob Youth Foundation as contribution to the Rob Youth Foundation National Sanitary Pads drive to support the Namibian Girl Child.

Founder and Managing Director of the Rob Youth Foundation, Mr. Robert Maseka, said, “It’s a profound honor for us to collaborate with Christine. Mboma and I came from the same region and also the same village.

“When I approached Christine with the idea, she did not hesitate to meet up with me. I spoke to Christine about the initiative and she was excited to assist where she can. We are looking forward to this partnership and we discussed more future partnerships in most of our meetings and it’s going to be exciting.”

Christine Mboma, founder of the ‘Mboma Streetwear’ clothing line said: “Mboma Streetwear is proud to partner with the Rob Youth Foundation, contributing 10% of our profits towards the foundation’s sanitary pad initiative.

“We believe in empowering and supporting the Namibian girl child, recognizing that access to sanitary products is a fundamental right and a crucial factor in maintaining their dignity, health, and education.

“This partnership aligns with our values of social responsibility and our commitment to make a positive impact in our community. We hope our contribution will help make a difference and lead to better opportunities for Namibian girls.’’

The Rob Youth Foundation aims at raising funds through this initiative to continue with their National Sanitary Pads drive expected to continue in the new year.

In the photo: Robert Maseka and Christine Mboma signing the agreement.