The Aashakati Community Association donated school uniforms to 10 children from needy households in Oshakati.

The donation which took place today at Oshakati Primary School was a gesture from the association since “the association belongs to Aashakati,” said the Chairperson of the Aashakati Community Association, Mrs Elizabeth Munageni Kiinge.

Kiinge was accompanied by several members of the association, who included the association’s secretary Ms Hilma Domingos and spokesperson of the association Mr Moses Nghipunyati.

The beneficiaries of the donation were five children from Mwadhina Gwanembenge Senior Primary and five children from Oshakati Primary School.

Ms Domingos said that the Aashakati Community Association was started five years ago to be an organised group of people who care for the wellbeing of the people of Oshakati.

“So far the association has assisted 113 individuals and institutions,” Domingos said. “Not only do we contribute to the assistance needed when a member of our association has a close family member who has passed on, but we also assist those who are in need of basic necessities.”

She said that in 2020 the association donated necessities to a centre for children with disabilities at Okandjengedi.

Nghipunyati, well-known as Dj Punyati, said that the association so far has 674 members. Membership is open to residents of Oshakati who were born in Oshakati or have resided in Oshakati for 20 years.

Both Mrs Agnes Amupolo, the principal of Oshakati Primary School, and Mr Immanuel Aron, the principal of Mwadhina Gwanembenge, were excited by the goodwill gesture showed by Aashakati Community Association.

Speaking on behalf of Mr Eliakim Hamulenge, the Inspector of Education for Oshakati Circuit, Mr Aron said that “today we gather with immense gratitude as we accept this generous donation of learners’ school uniforms. Your commitment to education and the well-being of our learners is truly commendable.”

Aron added that “these uniforms represent more than just fabrics; they symbolize the opportunity for our learners to engage in their educational journey with dignity and pride.”

Aron pointed out that the contribution will not only provide the learners with the means to attend school but also instill a sense of belonging and equality.

“Your generosity does not go unnoticed. We will keep you updated on the impact of your donation, sharing stories of the lives you have touched and the positive changes you have inspired,” he said to the members of Aashakati Community Association.

The donation included school bags, trousers, shirts, socks and shoes.

The event was attended by hundreds of children from grade 2 classes at Oshakati PS. Mrs Martha Dala, the HoD at Oshakati PS, was the MC, while Ms Ester Tuukondjele conducted the prayers for opening and closing of the event.

In the photo: Chairperson of Aashakati Community Association Mrs Elizabeth Kiinge handing over uniforms to (Malumbu Otto) one of the children. On the left is Mr Aron, Ms Domingos on the right and some teachers. In the other photo, Mrs Kiinge receives a token of appreciation from Mrs Agnes Amupolo.