By Victor Angula |

AN OTJIWARONGO-born young woman has carved her niche in the beauty and wellness sector of the North by collecting a strong base of clientele through sheer grit and determined action towards the accomplishment of her lifetime goals.

There is such a significant number of hair salons and beauty parlors in Oshakati. But the Cosmopolitan Beauty Corner caught the eye of Omutumwa by its unique approach to the concept of customer service and the exceptional attitude towards business.

Owned by multilingual hairstylist and makeup artist Annatjie Shivute, and situated at the Advance Centre in the Main Road opposite Avbob, Cosmopolitan Beauty Corner has worked itself into the place to come to for those who need to have their hair styled, or receive a massage, get a haircut or a tailor-made dress or suit at a reasonable tag.

“Ever since I was a little girl I had the dream of having my own beauty parlor,” Annatjie says. “Doing hair is my passion, it is inborn.”

After working for someone else for several years Annatjie decided to become an entrepreneur in 2013 and opened the business with the little money she had saved up and some help from her family. Today the business has loyal clients from the business sector and government institutions not only in Oshakati but also from other towns in the North.

Her biggest challenge at the moment is the drop in economic activities countrywide and the lack of support from banks or government institutions. “Rental costs are high, but you can’t get your own business plot. In our sector there is no support. When you go to the bank for a loan they feel like ‘It’s another salon again, what’s special about yours?’

“My suggestion is for government to help SMEs by building an SME business park for young entrepreneurs, but not like the omatala (open market).”

“I am happy and always excited by this business,” she enthuses. “But this is still just the beginning. My mission is not yet accomplished. My dream is to have a bigger place and expand to other places, employ more people and give training to young people. I am one of those people who like doing charity work, giving a helping hand to others.”

Annatjie describes herself as a warm and friendly person, who draws strength from her mother. “For me every day is a new day so that I take it as an opportunity to learn more and do more and work towards the accomplishment of my goal – which is to become a successful stylist/makeup artist.”

Her message to young hair dressers and others in the beauty business is to work hard and be committed. “Work to learn instead of just to earn. Try to do one job and become the best at it, because what you are doing today can lead you to the next step in your life. Respect customers and make them feel important.”

CAPTION: Owner of Cosmopolitan Beauty Corner Annatjie Shivute at work doing what she loves.