By Beatus Shimwetheleni  /

Communal farmers in the villages across northern Namibia do not have cold storage facilities to preserve the agricultural produce of their fields.

While omahangu (pearl millet) grains are durable and easy to store for a longer period, most of other produce from fields, such as omatanga, omaliwa and other iingumutulu, are not able to withstand the heat of the spring season, so that the food rots quickly and go to waste if it is not consumed up before the end of winter.

With a bumper harvest of the previous rainy season most households have no other choice but to see some of their produce getting rotten and going to waste unless thrown to the pigs.

In the photo (taken on 16 August 2020) at Oponona village in Uuvudhiya Constituency of Oshana Region the people just stored these produce in their homestead where it now is getting rotten.

Oponona is 65 kilometres away from the commercial town of Oshakati.

(Photo by Beatus Shimwetheleni)