As we turn another chapter in the journey towards the destiny of the Namibian nation,

As we start with another 30 year-steps of the second phase of the struggle,

As we intensify our efforts in the struggle for economic freedom,

One thing is for sure that nothing will be the same as before.

Proactivity will replace the patriotic silence of the three decades after Independence. And productivity shall be the ideal we strive towards during the next decade.

Namibia is a big country.

But at Omutumwa newspaper we will focus on the four northern regions of Omusati, Oshana, Ohangwena and Oshikoto in intensifying the struggle for economic emancipation through robust and proactive reporting.

We will not tolerate laziness in public office and we will shock and jolt those business leaders who are sleeping behind the economic wheel. There is no reason at all why a country as naturally rich as Namibia is should remain so poor.

There is no reason why there is so much unemployment in a country which is said to be a developing country.

There is no reason why Namibia cannot emerge from the economic doldrums to become the Singapore of southern Africa.

If there is any reason at all why in Namibia we can’t produce our own toilet papers, pencils, toothpicks and washing powder at least it has not been pointed out to us.

At Omutumwa we will relentlessly demand productivity in the private sector as we stubbornly demand good governance in the public sector. We will be persistent and unapologetic in our quest to help move our country forward.

And this means that we are going to rub some people the wrong way. There are many people who benefit greatly from a broken situation so that they will not take kindly to, let alone cooperate with, anyone who tries to fix the broken situation.

But this is our job. Our duty is to ask the tough questions, and to publish what someone somewhere does not want published.

With Omutumwa on board surely in the northern four “O” regions lots of things shall never be the same again.