How to be a successful woman in life

By Alma “Namene” Amunyela  /

Nowadays every woman wants to be successful. Gone are the days when a woman was okay just living in the shadow of a man. Now every woman wants to shine and be counted on her own account.

But the question to be asked out loud is: how do we get to the position where we feel that we are successful?

And the simple answer to that is that we need to work hard.

Most of us aren’t coming anywhere closer to achieving our potential simply because we are unwilling to work hard.

My sister, you need to work more and harder for you to be a successful lady. Don’t do nothing and wait to be a success. If you want to be one of the most beautiful and successful women in future then follow my advice below here and believe me one of the good days you will be a successful woman.

  1. Find your purpose in life. Once you find what you want to do then it will be easier for you to achieve your success.
  2. Become what you believe. If you believe in yourself and what you’re capable of then you will make it one day.
  3. Do look far ahead. You know if like you are starting a business, don’t expect success the same day you start your business. Everything takes steps; step by step. A business is like a child who is born and has to grow up before ina tameka okutsa iikwiila.
  4. Prepare for tough times. In business or at work you have to be prepared for any moment that is to come. Be prepared to handle any situation.
  5. Your mistakes make you stronger. Remember that everyone makes mistakes; as a human being of course you will. Just learn from your mistakes and move on.
  6. Work on yourself. You need to work on yourself. You must learn every day, improve your skills, and become valuable at your job. Make them feel they can’t live without you.
  7. Aim higher. Our mothers were very hardworking at whatever they did. They raised us up and gave us most of whatever we needed. But today we do have the opportunity to dream more and become what they could not become.
  8. Do your own thing. Don’t think too much about what others are doing. You can’t control others; just keep pushing and do your thing to achieve your goals.

If you keep checking on others what they are doing then it’s a waste of your time, because the time you spend checking up on others or judging them it’s the time you were supposed to think something better that will make you grow.

That time you will not get it anymore, remember time is money. That is why I always tell people not to waste their time on keeping checking around what others are doing because that is not one of your duties.