Walk your own path

By Alma “Namene” Amunyela |

Ladies, walk alone. Just learn how to walk alone.

I say this because, I think, the best way to live a happy and better life as a lady is to simply walk alone.

I know some of you are struggling with being alone and some of you for the first time have no one around you.

Well, I’m here today to tell you that it’s okay, because you’re all you need, but kamushishi neeh …

You see, being all alone is one of the most fulfilling moments on the journey of self-discovery because it’s during these periods of isolation and self-reflection that we can identify who we really are and what life means to us.

We can solidify our purpose and our dreams and most importantly we get to figure out what we are truly made of, what is our potential, and what we are willing to do to find success.

I mean, it’s easy to go take on a challenge, to go after a problem or deal with adversity in a group. But when it’s just you and your problems, really that may seem to be something else.

Especially when we are alone and feeling down; that’s why there is fast foods all around us, and liquor stores at every corner.

But it’s during these periods of being alone where we need to push ourselves to be better because nothing good comes from comfort or from easy.

When it’s just you and your thoughts, that is where the real character building happens. That’s when your foundation starts to be built, that is when the real you start to shine.

It’s about living with yourself and being confident in you that you can still accomplish. If you want change you need to be the change. And I think for the majority of people who are feeling isolated and feeling depressed, they just need to change.

It’s because they are too busy living someone else’s life. They haven’t taken the time to stop and listen to themselves. I’m talking about being true to who you are.

It’s really OK ladies to follow your own path, to create your own lane, to be different and to walk alone as long as you’re a living testimony to yourself.