It is not so much common in Africa for a news media organization to endorse a political organization or candidate in the contestation for political power through the electoral process.

And what is not common is just what this media house going to do.

Omutumwa News Online, or as it’s legally known by the name ‘Omutumwa Newspaper cc’, is endorsing the Independent Candidates running for office during the upcoming Regional Elections on the ticket of the Affirmative Repositioning Movement (AR) as well as those running for the seats at local authorities across Namibia at the behest of the AR.

While the AR has come across since its establishment close to six years ago as a loose association of disgruntled youth who at most display behavioral problems, Omutumwa believes that this movement/association has more potential than meets the eye.

When everything has been weighed and all the contestants for political office in the coming elections are put head to head, AR stands a much better chance to do something meaningful for this country.

The one advantage on the side of the AR is its youthfulness, vigor, passion and strong desire to serve.

These youngsters might not have good manners. But you could as well have said the same of Swapo in the 1960s. Former President Hifikepunye Pohamba was flogged by tribal chiefs in the 1960s for his lack of manners in advocating for radical changes when he was a young man living under the yoke of apartheid.

Behavioral problems are not a negative thing if they are motivated by political goals.

This endorsement does not however mean that one or any or all or most of the employees of Omutumwa believe in AR and its goals.

Omutumwa as a legal entity is merely speaking on its own account saying people must go out and vote for AR candidates.

Go out in big numbers and help ignite the second phase of the struggle, which is economic transformation. Vote AR.