Put more effort (in 2021)

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel |

Time to time as we pass through the years of our lives we learn more about ourselves, about others and about the world around us.

Which means that every year is a learning lesson for us to find out where to change, which direction we need to move to and how to grow spiritually, economically or academically.

I hope in the year 2020 you learnt a lot and it gave you more reasons to understand the journey of life and its worth and to appreciate that you’re still alive and in most cases you passed through that year without any harm.

This is God doing his miracles every day in your life.

You might expect prosperity through miracles but that is not the most important thing because all wealth that is accomplished through miracles can vanish away in a miraculous way too. What matters most is that you are still alive and you are healthy. Please praise God for that!

If you’re not healthy, but you are alive. Praise God for that!

You can say this year is the working hard year … Yes, you are right but for me I can say this year is the year of changes, the year of improvements.


By submitting ourselves to God it will be the year of spiritual transformation. Give all what you have to God and he can accept you and stay on your side; you just need to trust him, believe in him, pray to him alone because he is a jealous God who will not like you to have another god beside him.

This is not the time to complain, fighting, or debating against him anymore; you need to consider him as your savior, protector, the life, truth and the way to your salvation. Think about him, start to thank him for what he did for you, talk about him, give him honor, read your Bible and pray every day.

So then this is the year of putting more effort in seeking him and focusing on him. You don’t need to look at people and listen to what they are saying, but this might be your good year of seeking him and serving him in truth.

Therefore start now, do it now, do it yourself; there is no one to do it for you. All decisions are in your hands. It’s time to make the choice now.