A Year of What?!

By The Author [When My Mind is Liberated]

It is strange how the government of the day still expects the majority of its citizens to be acrobatic and believe what is humanly impossible.

We are, at this point in time, forced through sweet talking to play stupid again. I mean how resilient can one be to still be expected to be double “rubberstic” for another year of continuous understanding that poverty is a gift rather than a social injustice?

Namibians have long been resilient since before independence hence the desire for “self-determination and sovereignty”. Unless these words were nothing but political jargon to confuse the oppressed people and make them entrust their desires into the hands of the “economically starved” politicians.

It’s sad and painful but the status quo remains the same in 2021 despite it being a new year with a new name (year of resilience!).

How I wish the social decay was dumped in the dry riverbeds and with the sudden rains the filth and dirt could be washed away and recycled. But where would one wish for such toxic waste to be dumped? What would one do with recycled toxic waste? A topic for another day…

We prayed for rain for so long in all tongues and for different reasons and it fell from the skies as if on a mission; to cleanse the filth and to quench the thirsty. How I wish our prayers for a socially healthy and economically sustainable reality for every Namibian could be attained through prayers.

How I wish the rains could wash away the corruption and flood the schemes that are counterproductive.

Instead we are called upon to be resilient…

I thought that is what we have been doing for more than 30 years. For so many times we have been knocked down and asked to be “Brave” amid the stealing. It was expected from us to suffer from loss of memory when it suits the leadership; to the extent that our memories are patched like the national roads. We sacrificed sanity with each drilling in our memories and left with potholes in our thinking capacities.

Government will redouble its focus on areas that matter most to Namibians, such as job creation, economic opportunity, service delivery, housing provision, youth unemployment, gender-based violence and crime.” They keep on pissing in the potholes they left in our humanity and afterwards tender themselves to patch us with their BEE renovation and road destruction schemes.

I suddenly wish for crocodile infested waters to flood the parliament and the national councils to cleanse the Namibians from all the piss and faeces and for the crocodiles to feast on the fattened carcasses in these power houses.

Please don’t judge, it is my wish, but even wishes in Namibia are bias. Makes me believe they are either “skewed-up” by bribes or managed through political manifestos.

We are called upon to be elastic enough for another political term while the leadership is devising alternative means to keep the nation at bay from the resources. We need to be resilient and live with the patches in our lives and dreams.