Omusamane ngoka taku tiwa oye a lukulula oshilongo Namibia konima sho sha kala hashi ithanwa kutya oSouth West Africa, okwa hulitha momasiku 14 Juni 2021 mepipi lyoomvula 85.

Omuprofesori Mburumba Kerina okwa tseyika nawa mondjokonona yekondjelomanguluko kutya oye omuntu gwotango a yi kIigwana yaHangana koNew York oku ka popila ko oshilongo shi ze muukoloni wiilumbu yaSouth Afrika.

Kerina okwa li omunapolitika gumwe a kala omuishonopeki ihe oku na omutse gwe endelela. Pethimbo lyekondjelomanguluko Mburumba otaku tiwa okwa lwa ta longitha opena omanga yakwawo ya lwa taya longitha ondjembo.

Opo Swapo a taambweko kIigwana yaHangana onga olyo ehangano alike ekondjelimanguluko lyaakwashigwana yaNamibia osha za miilonga yaKerina.

Omupambele gumwe gwanakusa Kerina edhina lye Kakuna Kerina okwa li a shanga ohela komalungula ta hokolola ngeyi:

“Mburumba Kerina, The Man Who Named Namibia, First Petitioner to the United Nations for Namibia’s independence, and proud Pan-African has joined the ancestors.

Our father, grandfather and uncle was the beloved elder to an extended family that spans the earth. It is difficult to convey the magnitude of his contributions to Motherland Africa and Homeland Namibia, a commitment that he lived until his last breath.

I don’t think he ever thought that he would spend 26 of his most productive years in exile, away from my Grandma Kasondoro, who he loved deeply.

Our Dad was a man of the people, and he died surrounded by the people. Two weeks ago, he launched a foundation to provide scholarships for students, like him, who otherwise could not access higher education.

He always held those most in need close to his heart, and deployed that brilliant mind to do his utmost to resolve their crises. He enjoyed spending time with young people and mentored them to be and do their best. He believed that a life in service to others is the highest honor that anyone could aspire to.

Quick to smile, my Dad loved to tell and hear a tale, preferably one with a punchline that would cause him to erupt with laughter.

It was actually more fun to watch him try to suppress it until the very end. He and my Mom, Jane Miller Kerina, welcomed every Namibian who fled into exile with ‘135 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn’ written on a piece of paper and the advice to, ‘Just go straight from the airport, you will find family there.’ These are just a few of the many memories that I will treasure.

We will honor our Dad with a befitting memorial when circumstances allow. Until then, please continue to share your memories of Prof. with us, and accept our family’s deepest gratitude for the incredible outpouring of support and sympathy.”

Methano: Omuprofesori Mburumba Kerina (ethano