Let him be your only hope

By Josefina Gabriel |

Everything was made by God. All is made by him except man-made things. In fact even man-made things are made out of what God had made and put it on earth for us to create something out of it with our small intelligence of science and technology.

That’s our almighty God, our creator who is in control of all.

You can see his miracles and blessings everyday as he continues to give you a brand new day with wonderful things which never get out of fashion or get old. Look at the sky with a nice sun and that blue color with fresh air and brightness everywhere. Look at the clouds. Look at the wide horizon.

Even when you seem to be surrounded by the darkness of the night, you can still look up at the bright stars, and the glowing moon.

And you can fail to understand how all this appeared to your eyes. That’s all the wonderful nature God made for us, and this can prove it that there is none greater than God.

Now who is God to you? How do you know him? Do you believe in him?

If all of the above questions sound to you like a puzzle, then I may just not have any motivational words for you today. But there is hope for those who believe in God, for those who know that everything is under the Supreme Power’s control.

Where there is no God there is no peace. People tried to find peace in different things and different ways like wealth, human comfort and material things yet they lost it because true peace is from God. When there is no God there is no hope.

How can we be hopeless while we live under the control of the master creator, the most powerful God?

Hardship sometimes comes in our lives to make us and direct us to God so that one day you can realize that God is your strength and power today and forever; he is like oxygen that you can’t live without on earth, so for eternal life you need God to survive.

There is always a reason why God allows some things to happen and you might not understand his wisdom, but he is God of time, and God of order. He doesn’t work in a noise and restlessness environment but can be found in the silent place.

The journey will never be easy; you just need to put more effort and focus on your race so that arrival would be worthwhile. He can’t give you all you need but surely he will lead you along to the best and straightest path to himself.

So have God first and have a treasure that many people can’t afford to have.

— Ms Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, upcoming author and devout Christian. —