Hey kids, you’re beautifully made

By Josefina Gabriel |

Hey kids! Did you know that you’re beautifully made by God?

Well, that’s a wonderful realization.

When you came in this world everyone was smiling and celebrating. It’s a beautiful thing of you to come in this world. The first thing you did was to put a smile on the people’s faces, especially on your parents’ faces.

Wow! That’s how wonderfully made you are.

You started to grow, you look in the mirror and you are proud of yourself. A beautiful girl, a cute boy, wonderfully made by God’s hands. Wow, look at your eyes, your hands, your smile, your body, your hair, you are beautifully made.

Oh, today or one day, or any day, then you start seeing or hearing different and new things, someone giving negativities about you or your family. Some things people say about you are nice to hear and some are bad.

Well, don’t take what the society says on the bad side, don’t listen to those negative things people say about how you look or how you are. Listen to your heart. God speaks through your heart saying that you’re wonderfully made.

Wow! Be proud of God who made you.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer and author. She can be reached at: