Finding the Spirit

By The Author [When My Mind is Liberated]

Namibia has undergone such a traumatic transformation over the past few years. Nose diving from being a world class democracy to failure of being just another African country.

In this uncertain times Namibians are so exhausted from complaints, petitions, actions taken against an ever growing class of elitists, BEE hijackers and tender-preneurs, quota-traders,  housing-speculators and magicians who can make millions of public money to disappear – and reappear in their pockets.

The ordinary Namibians have been reduced to nothing but voters and electoral statistics. Namibians are just a means to a better life for the self-proclaimed and self-gratifying leaders, representing the masses.

The citizens are tired, their resilience has been stretched to the point of surrender, and scavenging for a lifeline. We are drained mentally, spiritually and physically to constantly fight for human dignity that is promised in the Namibian Constitution.

However, even that little human right is shredded into nothingness by the guardians and custodians of our wellbeing. Citizens have been pushed to the brink of abject poverty and neglect by political representatives, yet we repeatedly succumb to well crafted lies and pitiful empathy.

Come elections, the naivety of the Namibian people will form the theme of all political manifestos; each party will strum on the naivety, tribal difference, political scores from years gone by.

The citizens will again be reminded of the Apartheid monster and in the same process they will hide the elephant in the house.

The attention of the citizens will be diverted from the current socio-political failures and be hypnotized with songs, tales and chants from the time when the aim was independence.

It’s their transformation from being activists, unionists, fellow citizens to these faceless, power grabbing and greedy individuals who are constantly starving from economic hunger.

The shameless stealing and corrupt dealings have been dramatic and surreal. We have never seen a people’s government mutate into a democratic authoritarian and draconian rule over such a short time.

A government formed because of international solidarity turned into a regime that deploys police and the army to brutalise and instil fear into its citizens through questionable operations.

The brutality of the police and army in implementing such operations is deadly and just not part of a Namibia that was paraded before the world on 21st March 1990.

So much killing has taken place, many citizens have lost their lives at the hands of the National Police Service and the City Police. Yet the National Police Service and the law seem not to be bothered. Instead the bosses keep on training and protecting criminals within the Law Enforcement Services.

They keep killing us and it’s either we keep dying or we need to again find the spirit to fight this unhindered police brutalities and murders.

By: The Author