When My Mind is Liberated

By The Author |

This ‘When My Mind is Liberated’ has been a Facebook Page through which The Author tries to capture and arrange some of the thoughts and ideas which keep crossing his mind from time to time.

Some of these thoughts keep coming back to mind again and again in an annoying manner.

So that The Author then tries to let them get out of the mind by writing them in a way that the written word may not make sense or be appreciated as sensible noise to some people if not most, whose minds are not liberated.

It’s but a thought process of commenting and/or just pausing on some socio-political happenings in Namibia.

As such it does not ascribe to any ideology or philosophy other than just how a human being responds to human designs and errors and well-thought-out and clever ways and means to keep some people away from the table.

Told you, this does not make sense, but keep reading.

When My Mind is Liberated challenges the thinking process. It tries to let out the thoughts as they are.

It attempts to answer the question: “what is it you really want to say?” And then The Author tries to say it as clearly as can possibly be said.

You know, as always fear, pressure and cowardice take over our independent thinking processes and let us doubt ourselves.

It’s an unproven fact that fear has made us become what we really don’t want to be.

The first posting of When My Mind is Liberated was on the 25th May 2011, on Africa Day, and reads as follows: “Who is an African? The politicians asked us and kept us talking for generations.

By the time we stopped answering this simple question, the politician became a businessman.

The question of ‘Who is an African’ still echoes in our empty stomachs. Yet the politician turned businessman, turned millionaire, became a capitalist.”

The last post was on the 8th September 2020:  “I herewith like to nominate and volunteer the Namibian Parliament and Cabinet for the Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign. Their participation will be a sign of patriotism and a service to the Namibian people, whom they gladly represent.”

In between these two posts, so many issues were discussed through remarks by more than 1500 people who like the Facebook Page.

Now through the partnership with Omutumwa Online newspaper, When My Mind is Liberated will become a regular column on Thursdays. The column promises nothing but a space so share ideas and dreams and mis-dreams and anything that can be regarded as anything and nothing.

And for no reason the author shall remain just The Author.

The readers are not expected to become smarter after reading it, therefore no one will be responsible for the understanding you might derive from the column.

So buckle up!

By: The Author