Be a good example

By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel |

In life everybody wants to be perfect and be a role model to someone because it’s such a nice thing to be a role model for someone.

Good role models are people who inspire others. Youngsters look up at their role models and get inspiration from them to study hard and become someone in life.

And anyone can be a role model if you’re a good example to others through acting, talking, dressing, lifestyle, attitude, helpfulness and so on.

This brings about the spirit of influencing someone in a positive way so that they start to see you as a role model and good example to follow.

There is always someone who is watching you. There are fans of yours and people who always are wishing to be like you in life because they think you’re a good example, so that that person will start imitating your ways of living.

The following people are the ones who normally can be influenced easily by your personality:

Children. This group easily learns from others, especially from the bigger ones, elders and parents.

Siblings. The younger brothers and little sisters always copy what and how those who are bigger than them are acting, doing, behaving and living.

Neighbours. Who are you to them? Are you a good person and a perfume before them or your personality is not good? You might not realise it, but your good behavior is influencing these people in a positive way.

Learners. They wish to be like their teachers, and mostly just end up imitating how they teach, walk, dress, talk and behave.

Youngsters. The youth wish to be like all successful people, like entertainers, musicians, comedians, singers, workers, parents, you, etc.

Friends. Your friends can influence you but you can also influence them in a good way or in a bad way.

Therefore you need to be a good example in front of everyone. Be positive, be unique, be smart, be kind, trust yourself, love yourself and love others and be a good example for others to follow.

Be a good aroma in your behavior and smell nice before people because you never know who you’re influencing and who is seeing you as a role model.