Pride and ego

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel |

Life is the process of a combination of lessons and daily happenings in one’s existence which build up into a great story as we live differently by attitudes, behaviors and some habits repeated every day, all which may make someone to have low self-esteem or high self-esteem, and through that you can find that some people have too much of self-esteem, which can be considered as pride or ego.

These two (pride and ego) have nearly the same direction of meaning, and each one might have certain advantages on one side but, but now I would like to talk about the disadvantages on the other side. I want to look at the negativity of pride and ego on a human being.

Pride is considered as the negative force in human existence which is the opposite of humility and it’s the source of social friction; in religion it can be called one of the deadliest sins too.

Meaning that pride is not a good spirit in us, because it contains bad habits and attitudes and it can cause harm into different ways. And ego is considered as self-love, the love which only ends up into the don’t-care-with-anybody attitude or the habit of no-respect-for-someone else. In short, you always consider yourself more important, more deserving, more worthy, more this or more that and so you tend to think you are always the best in the world.

These two can carry the symptoms of boasting, showing off, criticizing, insulting, disrespectful, disobedience, lack of any knowledge and wisdom in humility, and once this situation go all the way up to your head it ends up one day destroying you and putting you to shame.

It’s always better to be on the safe side by thinking less of your importance, by learning to listen more than talking, by not undermining anyone else, and by not looking at your own image as if it was made out of diamond.

Always keep in mind that the beauty of the face or of the body, was made out of the dust. And to dust it will return after the life is gone.

If the pride or ego is not coming from a person’s self-love for physical beauty, it might come from his or her own exaggerated sense of knowledge. So then teach people if you think you know better than them, help them, care for them always, and don’t only go around thinking you are the best than anyone – because together we can fix the gaps in our lives.

Don’t let ego and pride destroy you; destroy it and be safe.