By Josefina Gabriel <Guest Writer>

Of all things which are valuable in life, I have come to realise that being yourself is the most valuable. Being yourself is not just a phrase but it is a combination of meanings that concisely define who you are.

Happiness comes from accepting yourself and seeing yourself as a blessing from the God who created you. One thing I can tell you is that even if you spend one million dollars to change yourself, you will never find happiness.

The most convenient thing is just to be yourself, stop comparing yourself with someone else, stop imitating their styles. You are unique as you are. The way God made you is for a certain purpose. God always creates wonderful creatures.

Your skin color is shining and glorifying your creator. Who told you that you are too much black and not looking good with that chocolate brown skin colour? Be proud to be an African.

Who told you that your body shape is not well formed? Who told you that you are not smart or you don’t have the good voice when you are speaking? Who told you that you don’t have nice teeth? If there is someone who said that to you then that person is against your life and against the will of God who made you the way you are.

If God was happy to make you the way you are then you must always feel proud of yourself and be happy for who you are.

Also just stop fighting for things you can not be able to get and afford. Your life will still be the same whether you are riding a bicycle to work or driving a car. Whether you are using the simple phone or the smart phone you are still reaching the same person you are calling.

Whether you are putting on high heels or flat shoes you both have the same feet and still walk to reach the destination you are going to.

If you are rich be happy for what you have because God blessed you with that. But if you don’t have enough don’t consider yourself as being so poor that you don’t feel like being who you are. If you are visually impaired or with other disabilities don’t think you are not like other people.

No matter the situation or circumstance of your life, you must know that you are beautiful, unique, smart, intelligent, and strong. Just be positive and kind to yourself. Love yourself and be satisfied with what God gave you.

No matter what. Just be you.