Africa Day is everyday

By Victor Angula | Editor’s Comment |

A few days ago, on 25 May 2021, the day known as “Africa Day” went past quietly as all other days are wont to do.

This day, however, made me to stop and reflect – reflect for a few days. I had to reflect a bit about the meaning and significance of this day.

On this day in 1963 the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) was established. The aim of the organization was the total liberation of the African Continent from colonialism.

Today we can say that the whole of Africa is free, free of foreign domination politically.

But we can’t say confidently that today Africa is free economically. Just to talk about home, we can’t say Namibia is free of economic domination and exploitation by foreign interests.

Foreign companies continue to dominate and exploit. Of course some of these exploiters are companies which have added the word ‘Namibia’ in front of their names so that they now look, act and pretend to be local, so much so that they are even members of Team Namibia.

But the original characteristics have not changed. A leopard never changes its spots it seems.

For instance, 30 years after Namibia’s “independence” we still are grappling with situations such as Omutumwa’s own struggle with FNB Namibia.

It seems that there is still a long walk to freedom indeed.

So far what we have is not freedom or independence; as long as we continue to be exploited by those who have their origins elsewhere, no matter if they have adopted the word ‘Namibia’ as part of their name, then neither Africa nor Namibia is free.

This is what I have reflected upon on Africa Day.

And if we are not free, then we have no peace. And if we have no peace then we have a fight to fight.

If we have to fight, to fight for our survival, then everyday is Africa day for those of us who still haven’t tasted the fruit of freedom.